"It's a wrap!" - chapter 10

I’m at the airport in Toronto. We’ve wrapped the first episode of season five and I’m on my way to LA. I can’t wait to see Meg and the kids again. I miss them a lot and I’m impatient to get home. To be honest I’m a way less enthusiastic about our new scheduling now than I was when I agreed to it.  Two weeks is a long time to be separated from my family, but at least I’ve got a whole week at home with them to look forward to.


Hi from Mille! :)

It's been a long time since I regularly updated this blog and I'm so sorry for that.  There are several reasons for the lack of updates, the main one is that I've had a tough time personally and I've had a lot to deal with over the few months.  I just haven't had the energy to write and keep up the blog. Thankfully things are looking up and I've got inspiration to write again. 

I've got ideas for both "Jenna & Luke 2.0" and "The Outsiders" and rough drafts of new chapters for those stories are in the works. I've also got a few ideas for "Finding Unexpected Love".

I've also in touch with Maddie and Cathy. They've both struggled with writers blocks and they've been busy with school and work, but they promise me there will be more material from them soon.  Maddie is working on chapter 10 of "It's a Wrap" and hopes to finish it by the end of the week.  Cathy has decided to totally re-write "Every Breath I Take" because she has discovered many medical inaccuracies as she has done further research on respiratory disabilities and being ventilator dependent. The first chapter should be ready for posting soon.

Thanks for you patience and I hope there still are people following the blog. :)


Jenna & Luke 2 .0 - Chapter 5

Just as Luke heard the front door open and close an unpleasant smell hit his nose. “Damn it,” he thought. “Could that bowel accident have come at a worse time?”  He was well aware that Harry wouldn’t be back until 10 pm, when his shift was scheduled to start, and with Kevin out of town he really only had no choice. He had to ask Jenna to change him, sitting in a messy diaper for over four hours wasn’t an option.  The smell was unpleasant and it was very bad for his already fragile skin. He let out a slow, calming breath as he heard Jenna’s footsteps approaching. A moment later she stepped in and immediately walked around the bed and kissed him on the lips.
“Hey babe,” she said with a smile when she pulled away. “How are you feeling?”
“Well, the headache is gone and generally I feel better than I did this morning. Won’t know for sure how the neck is until I’m back in my chair. It generally doesn’t bother me when I’m laying down.”
“Well, are you ready to get up?”
“Yep, but…” Luke’s voice trailed off with embarrassment and he felt a blush creeping up his neck and cheeks.”
“I…eh…I had an accident and need my diaper changed. I hate to ask you to do this, but I don’t see another option right now. I’m sorry.” Luke averted his glance; he was too embarrassed to look Jenna in the eyes.


New chapter of "The Outsiders" posted on Paradevo!

Completely forgot to post the link here when I put the chapter up a couple of weeks ago.

Here's chapter 12 of "The Outsiders".

I really hope to have chapters for the stories on the blog soon. Maddie and Cathy are both working on updates for their stories and have promised to try to get them to me soon.  I've actually got ideas for both "The Store Manager" and "Jenna & Luke 2.0". Just have to find the time to write them down... Fortunately things are slowing down at work and I think I'll have more time to write in the coming weeks. #FingersCrossed as we say on Twitter. ;-)


"It's A Wrap!" - chapter 9

It’s Monday morning and although I should get my ass out of bed I just lay here, lost in thought. Meg got up a while ago and is downstairs in the kitchen feeding the kids breakfast and getting them ready for school. I should be helping her since I leave in a few days and will be away for two weeks.


"It's A Wrap!" - Chapter 8

Here's chapter 8 of "It's A Wrap!" Maddie apologizes for the two week wait for it and says she hopes to have the next one finished a bit quicker, but no promises as she is going away next week and probably won't have much time to write.
“I can’t believe it’s just two weeks ‘till you go back to work,” Meg says as we’re getting ready for bed Wednesday evening.
“I know. Time’s flying by fast. In a way it feels like we wrapped season four yesterday, but at the same time it feels like it was a lifetime ago.”
“I know. It’s weird, isn’t it?” Meg says as she climbs into bed while I wheel around it and position my chair and get ready to transfer to bed.
Transfers have become second nature to me and it’s something I do without putting much thought into. I’m glad I was in great shape before my accident; it has made my recovery much easier than it would’ve been if I had to start from scratch with building upper body strength. It doesn’t take me long to get settled into bed and Meg curls up next to me and we pick up the conversation.


"It's A Wrap!" - Chapter 7

Here's chapter 7 of "It's A Wrap!".  Maddie says she's working on chapter 8 and hopes to have something for us within the next week.  I can't wait to read it!! :-)

Today is Wednesday and it’s a big day. Joel is finally moving into the guesthouse. He was declared medically stable and ready for discharge about a month ago, but getting everything ready for him to actually leave the rehab center has been a long process. The biggest challenge was hiring a staff of PCA’s to do his care 24/7. Joel insisted that I took part in the interview process since they’ll be working on my property and it took us a while to find a group of 12 people we’re both comfortable with.  It has also taken Joel’s insurance company a while to get all the needed equipment ready; I hadn’t realized just how much medical equipment a vent dependent quad needs. I think the stuff in the closet in Joel’s bedroom is enough for a small hospital.